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Homeowners’ Associations – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Homeowners' Associations

RSHOA was established to maintain the value of community amenities and to ensure a high standard of maintenance of the common spaces, ensuring that Redstone’s many unique attributes and features will be maintained for many years to come.

RSHOA amenities include children’s playgrounds, adult fitness parks, walking paths, plaza areas with benches, rock feature walls, decorative fencing, traffic circles/entry features and boulevard/median landscaping maintenance. Organized events and an annual community newsletter are provided to enhance the sense of community and to encourage neighbourly relations.

RSHOA is a means of building community pride and unity amongst residents through community beautification, events, and areas. Active involvement in RSHOA is an excellent way to meet fellow

The Developer will legally establish an Owners Association early in the planning stages of the community.

An Encumbrance is registered on the title of every lot in the community of Redstone, making each owner a member.

All residents of Redstone will enjoy the long-term benefits of enhanced maintenance, which provides a more attractive community. This helps to maintain market values and to preserve the long-term value of each home in Redstone, enhancing the overall community experience.

RSHOA is owned by all property owners within Redstone.

Community members are invited to contact us at 403-265-4431 ext 120, or by email at, or visit us online at for more information. Please notify us if you are interested in joining our Board.

RSHOA is governed by a set of Bylaws and a Board of Directors, who are elected annually, at RSHOA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Effective March 1, 2023 the Board has engaged the property management services of Equium Group. To learn more about Equium Group, please visit their website here:

For specific inquiries related to the Homeowners’ Association, please contact:

        Equium Group
        639 5th Avenue SW Suite 850,
        Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0M9
        Phone: 403-265-4431 ext 120
        Fax: 403-240-0119

Yes, like other Owner Associations, RSHOA will collect membership fees to operate the Association. Each household contributes to the community through a nominal annual fee. These fees are administered through registered Encumbrances against all land titles in Redstone and are mandatory.

RSHOA fees for 2022-23 are $110.00 + GST ($115.50 total). The fiscal year for the RSHOA is May 1 to April 30. Fee notices are mailed out annually in April and fees are levied effective May 1 each year. You have until May 31 to pay, in one lump sum. Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts at a rate of 18% per annum, calculated and compounded monthly, retroactive to May 1. Please visit for payment options or contact Thank you.

Upon closing of the initial (new construction) real estate purchase, the pro-rated encumbrance fee amount is payable by the purchaser (from possession date to year end), in one lump sum. Subsequent encumbrance fees (after the first year of occupancy) may be paid on an annual basis.

Please contact Equium Group to learn how you can pay your fees. Their email is

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Redstone Homeowners' Association News

Hello residents of Redstone,

Please see below notice received from ENMAX about work commencing in your neighbourhood.
What’s Happening?
As the electricity provider for the City of Calgary, ENMAX Power is modernizing the way we read electrical meters. ENMAX Power will be installing routers on City of Calgary-owned street lights in the above communities starting in late July through to early September 2023. This project is the first phase of the ENMAX Power Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program.

This project will improve the consistency of meter reading and allow for earlier power outage detection and restoration times. By installing routers, we are providing a more cost-effective way to obtain meter reads.

What’s Next?
Following installation of the routers, residents will receive a subsequent notification from ENMAX Power with more information about the AMI Program.

What May Customers Expect?
ENMAX Power vehicles, personnel, bucket trucks and associated equipment on site.
Minor noise when crews are installing routers on City of Calgary street lights.
ENMAX Power routers will be securely fastened to street lights located in the above communities.
A power outage is not required for this work.

How Are Customers Being Informed?
Properties in the area will receive an ENMAX Power postcard outlining the router installation work along with our direct contact information.

If customers have questions about router installations or the AMI Program, please contact the ENMAX Power Meter Team, Monday through Friday from 8AM until 4PM: or 403-514-2807.
Customers may visit to learn more about the router installation project and the AMI Program, including FAQ’s with benefits and an available opt-out process.

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