Creating Sustainable Communities


  Qualico Communities Tree Program

As part of our commitment to the urban environment Qualico Communities provides all new residents with trees for their new yard. We provide this service because we believe that planting trees helps create complete communities.  Careful consideration is given to the types of trees offered. Once the community is fully complete we expect to have planted over 2500 trees in Redstone.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our Tree Program please contact us at, or visit the EQWell website to learn more.

Qualico Communities Water Conservation Program

Water is a resource essential to our survival and water conservation will ensure that an adequate supply of clean, safe water will be available in the future. When water is used efficiently, there is a direct cost saving not only on water, but on other services as well.

Qualico Communities has instituted a water conservation program in Redstone. What this means to you as a resident is that your builder will ensure they install low flow faucets and fixtures in your home and just before you move in, the Qualico Water Inspector will conduct flow testing at your home.  When measurements are consistent with our program guidelines homeowners will have the opportunity to order a rain barrel and tap timer on-line through our EQWell Initiative.  Visit EQWell to learn more today.  




We create communities we believe in. Which is why we have created EQWell, an initiative built on a commitment to minimize our impact on the environment, provide ample places for outdoor activity and create innovative and diverse communities that cater to all stages of life. Careful planning and consideration has gone into creating each of our communities including Redstone.

EQWell is comprised of three main pillars – each providing guidance and structure to how we develop and care for our communities.